Rattan Cabinet Handle
Rattan Cabinet Handle
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Rattan Cabinet Handle

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Adding a decorative touch, these rattan handles are available in a variety of different sizes particularly suiting coastal-style interior decor!

Please note, sizes are approx and can vary slightly. If you have purchased these previously, please be aware of sizing.

Length: 14cm
Width: 2.80cm
Projection: 5.08 cm
Bolt Size: 3.56cm
Gap Between Bolts: 9.00cm

Length: 21.5cm,
Projection: 5.08 cm
Bolt Size: 2.50 cm,
Gap Between Bolts: 15.24cm

Length: 32cm
Diameter: 3.18cm
Projection: 5.08cm
Bolt Size: 3.81cm
Gap Between Bolts: 22.86cm

X Large:
Length: 47cm
Width: 3.18 cm
Diameter: 3.18 cm
Projection: 5 cm,
Bolt Size: 3.81cm,
Gap Between Bolts: 34.30 cm

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