Welcome to Home Luxe Co.


Welcome to Home Luxe Co.'s first blog post!

We thought we'd introduce you to HLc, and how we began our journey to how we got to where we are today. 

Back in 2017, I bought my first property. A huge milestone for anyone and especially a self employed singleton. A two bedroom, end terrace property that was built in the 70's. Not the picture perfect cottage you'd find as the home on The Holiday, but somewhere to rest my head all the same. 

The property had four soulless walls which needed some serious injection of colour, soft furnishing and some personality to make it feel like a home. Investing all my life savings into the property, I realised that spending money in Loaf or Sofa.com was not going to happen any time soon. I took to places like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and Ebay for interesting home accessories, or artwork that friends would ask where it was from and promptly buy it. 

I realised that I could make the small 2 bed, end terrace home feel like a home by buying little accessories that would fill each corner of the house.

A few years went by and my passion for interiors didn't really go away. I was always looking for inspiration in boutiques, magazines and instagram for homely inspiration. 

My love for interiors blossomed and I began researching prices for little trinkets, vases, and dishes - anything that will just brighten up a piece of furniture or dressing table.

One day, I decided to take the plunge and invest a small amount to buy some stock and listed it online. The first month I took £60. With that £60 I reinvested and made £150. The process continued to the point I moved the furniture out of my spare room and I was bursting at the seams. Boxes lined the hallway and orders were being delivered to my home and to my parents house - purely so the neighbours wouldn't think I had a serious shopping addiction! 

And here we are! 

We hope you enjoy the products listed on Home Luxe Co. and continue to follow our journey! 




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